May 19 2008

Why Create a Fiber Optic Sensing Blog?

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Over the past decade use of fiber optic sensors has moved from university labs to widespread industrial applications.  Many packaged sensor and instrument products are well developed and field proven.  They are not science projects any more.


Our message, and the purpose of this blog, is to help users and potential users to find answers to fundamental questions about how they can better use fiber optic sensing technologies to solve their measurement problems.


Today, emphasis is shifting from proving fiber optic sensing capabilities (these are widely accepted now) to refining the nuts and bolts of fielding applications.  Simplifying installation.  Selecting cable types and junction boxes. Choosing connectors or splices.  Operating in harsh environments.  Qualifying lower cost sensors.


This trend is apparent in how Micron Optics serves the fiber optic sensing market.  Our customers who purchased a few instruments years ago for trials and studies are now deploying, in volume, focused solutions to their customers.  Some use custom interrogators from Micron Optics with their own sensor designs.  Others rely on both our standard interrogators and sensors.  A few work with Micron Optics optical modules to develop their own solutions.


We hope you’ll find this blog useful and that you’ll ask us to answer your specific questions.


Tom Graver

Director, Optical Sensing

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