Sep 29 2009

New os7100 Optical Accelerometer Now Available

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Micron Optics has just released the os7100, an optical accelerometer optimized for long term measurements on outdoor installations.  Designed in response to customer demand, the os7100 joins optical strain and temperature sensors to provide a complete optical solution for monitoring civil structures.

You can check out all the details on the the sensor product page on our website.

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Sep 14 2009

Measuring Strain and Temperature in Light

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In the past dozen years we’ve seen fiber optic sensors (FOS) being discovered by engineers around the world for myriad applications. With each new application, the unique capabilities of FOS (or more specifically, fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors) are leveraged and highlighted.

We’ve also seen that our most formidable competitor isn’t another FOS company; it is lack of awareness. One way we are reaching out is inviting the Atlanta chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers to our offices for an introduction to FOS. Tom Graver will be presenting “Measuring Strain and Temperature in Light” on September 22 here at Micron Optics. We are excited to talk with a new group and to see what ideas they bring to us.

If you are in the Atlanta area and would like to attend, you can register at

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Jul 29 2009

FBG Sampling at High Speeds

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In 2005 Micron Optics developed an FBG interrogator capable of sampling a single FBG at 500kHz or up to four FBGs at 100kHz. It was not an official product, but an Alpha prototype meant as a technology demonstration platform. We expected to sell just a few.

Since then we’ve sold dozens of these si920 Optical Sensing Interrogators. Applications have ranged from blast tests and ballistic impact tests to analysis of vibration in medical devices when exposed to MRI energy and the propagation of sonic energy in composite panels used on spacecraft.

It’s clear to us that there is a need for this type of measurement tool. No other technology (that we know of) can make such high speed (500kHz) high resolution strain measurements (0.02microstrain) in harsh electromagnetic environments.

We’re interested in feedback from you on how we might proceed with formal product development. For example, higher sampling rates in the MHz are possible with more advanced DAQ technology. More sensors per instrument, and accommodating more sensors per fiber are also feasible. What are your applications? What instrument configuration might work best for you?

si920 Datasheet

Tom Graver
Vice President, Optical Sensing

Glossary of Terms:
DAQ = Data Acquisition
MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging
FBG = Fiber Bragg Grating

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May 01 2009

Installing Optical Sensors

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Installing fiber optic sensors is really quite simple. Micron Optics has recently added some videos showing how quick and easy installing the os3100 and os3200 can be. Here is the video for the os3110 weld type sensor.

You can go to the website to check out the others

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