In addition to volume manufacturing, Micron Optics closely collaborates with researchers in many fields, pursuing new ideas and projects that often result in new instruments and components with unique capabilities.  Micron Optics maintains clear distinctions between products and prototypes within our TTM development process.  These distinctions are highlighted below: 


Qualified Product  Qualified Product

A "Qualified" designation indicates a completed commercial product.  Qualified products have completed design validation, proven component suppliers, documented volume manufacturing procedures, and passed appropriate lifetime and reliability qualification testing.


Beta Product  Beta Product

A "Beta" designation refers to the first wave of production for a particular instrument, module, sensor, component, or software that is available for sale to customers.  Beta customers often share feedback with Micron Optics, helping to shape the completion of the Qualified Product.  Beta instrument and module customers are entitled to a free upgrade, hardware and/or software as required, to ensure that the beta product's ultimate functionality is equivalent to that of the final Qualified Product. Beta sensor and component customers should use the data sheet, sensor information sheets, and other technical documents supplied with the items to determine the appropriateness for each particular application.  Beta software users may subscribe the users’ list for news of new versions and upgrade opportunities.


Alpha product  Alpha Prototype

An "Alpha" designation indicates prototype (not product) that has been initiated through standard product development or research channels, but is not necessarily destined to become Beta or Qualified product.  Alpha prototypes are intended for experienced research customers and enable use of a new or unique measurement technology.  Micron Optics values user feedback regarding an Alpha prototype which can spark a new, ground-up development of a Micron Optics product.