Nov 16 2010

Pultruded fiber and FBG based distributed strain and temperature sensors

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In September, I posted a brief about work that Applied Geomechanics (AGI) had done with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to measure strain in pavement. One of the sensor types evaluated by AGI and the FAA was produced by Monitor Optics. To create this novel sensor, Monitor Optics has developed a pultrusion process that coats and protects a FBG sensor arrays so that they can be directly embedded in asphalt and concrete pavements either during construction or long after.

You can learn more about such an application on our website here. It highlights an installation in Australia that sought to quantify risks associated with potential mine subsidence under a highway. An update is here. In this case study, see how the data helped highway and mine officials identify the root cause of a road buckling event. Was it the result of thermal expansion or an indication of an imminent mine collapse? Without the data from the fiber optic sensors, the answer would not have been so clear.

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