Apr 19 2012

The Amazing Versatility of Fiber Optic Sensors – and the Micron Optics sm125 Interrogator

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What do the following have in common:
- Measurement of huge strains of 20 to 40%
- Detection of 0.04 psi changes in hydrostatic pressure over a range of more than 13,000 psi
- Sensing of tiny electromagnetic fields with a resolution of 1 milliTesla

1) Each are fiber optic sensors relying on fiber Bragg gratings and/or special high birefringence fibers
2) And each depend on the Micron Optics sm125 interrogator to achieve these results.

Since the initial release of the sm125 in 2004, it has become the mainstay for research, development, and deployment of fiber optic sensing solutions. Users can count on the internal NIST-traceable gas cell for accurate measurements on every sweep of the powerful laser. The sm125 has helped increase the pace of growth and acceptance of fiber optic sensors.

Learn more about these applications from those who’ve developed them (clicking on the links below takes you to another website containing the paper referenced):
A large-scale strain sensor based on fiber Bragg grating
Hydrostatic Pressure Sensing with High Birefringence Photonic Crystal Fibers
Magnetic Field Measurements Based on Terfenol Coated Photonic Crystal Fibers

See more about the sm125 here

- Tom Graver

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  1. sreeharion 25 Apr 2012 at 6:16 am

    Pls send me books/artricles/contents related to Fiber Optic sensors so that it can be useful for my research work.

  2. adminon 27 Apr 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Hello Sreehari,

    If you want more information than the links we mentioned, you can also find articles on the Document Library page of our website:
    - Karen Dillard