Jan 06 2010

Fiber Optic Sensors in Geosynthetics

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FBG sensors are incredibly versatile.  They’re used in tiny medical devices and on huge bridges.  Often FBG and other types of fiber optic sensors are chosen when many measurements are needed over a long distance and the environment is harsh.  A good example of this is the use of FOS in geosynthetic materials used to reinforce earthworks. 

TenCate Geosynthetics will soon release a new product called Tencate GeoDetect.  It’s a geotextile fabric with fiber optic sensors integrated onto it.  Wilson Harvie, Director of Global Business Development for GeoDetect, will lead this product rollout.  
Speaking recently to industry experts, Wilson said “Tencate GeoDetect is the first sensor enabled geotextile on the market.  Approximately five years ago TenCate began work on creating an “intelligent” geotextile.  We discovered a way to embed fiber optic lines onto a geotextile fabric without damaging the fiber.  Our initial work was with FBG technology but has now grown to encompass Brillouin and Raman technologies.  We are able to place multiple fiber optic lines on geotextile fabric up to 5.3 meters wide that provides all of the functionality of a geotextile; reinforcement, drainage, separation and filtration as well as provide a mechanism for data acquisition.  We have also found that in addition to the functionality of a geotextile, Tencate GeoDetect provides a “distributed anchoring” system which provides an excellent interface with the soil.  Our tests have shown that almost all of the strain that occurs in the earth structure is transferred to the fiber optic line.”  
Micron Optics is a key partner to TenCate Geosynthetics for interrogation equipment and fiber optic expertise.  Find product description sheets, case studies and technical papers on Tencate GeoDetect at http://www.tencate.com/smartsite.dws?id=8718

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