Sep 02 2010

Why Use a Swept Laser?

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We are frequently asked, “Why is Micron Optics’ swept laser (SL) technology so prevalent in the marketplace?”

Micron Optics’ patented, SL technology is built upon the highest performing and reliable optical-scanning technology known today: the Fiber Fabry-Perot Tunable Filter (FFP-TF). Its simple and elegant design allows our lasers to:
• scan wider (up to 360nm)
• tune faster (up to 100KHz)
• probe deeper (signal-to-noise ratio exceeds 75dB)

It is important to note that this is a swept, not tunable, laser. The swept laser scans the optical spectrum continuously, effectively providing infinite optical resolution; whereas a tunable laser scans in discrete wavelength steps. There is nothing to wear out in the Micron Optics SL design – no gears or motors. It is inherently rugged; in fact, it has survived shock tests to well over 3000 g’s!

This superior optical performance translates to valuable measurement performance characteristics like large sensor capacity (the wider the scan range, the more sensors can be monitored), fast sampling rates, high accuracy (a verifiable, NIST traceable 1pm) and long-term reliability.

Micron Optics’ SL technology is ever-improving too. Our Product Development team is devoted to constant design enhancements and reliability improvements. Micron Optics’ SL technology simply provides more capable, more versatile, and more reliable lasers than other designs.

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