Feb 26 2010

New Release of ENLIGHT, Sensing Analysis Software

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Last week, Micron Optics released the newest version of ENLIGHT, Micron Optics sensing analysis sofware. v1.0 is the first major ENLIGHT update since its initial beta release, and the Micron Optics team is very excited to see the new features deployed in your measurement systems. There are literally hundreds of enhancements, both minor and major, that have been made to extend the functionality and ease the use ENLIGHT.

Some of the highlights include:
-Micron Optics Sensor templates.
-Enhanced data logging capabilities.
-Wavelength tracking and distance compensation for x25 interrogator cores.
-Multi-element (control-click, shift-click) selections in tables. Cut and paste support for sensor expressions.
-FBG calculation shorthand expressions.
-Numerous sensor creation and management tools: constants, create from template, duplicate sensors.
-Sensor groups, averaging, independent zeroing, rate of change calculations, …
-Sensor sub expressions and operating temperature range controls.
-On board module diagnostics collection.
-New ENLIGHT Remote Command Interface.

To download the latest version, visit Micron Optics website and click on the ENLIGHT button

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