May 22 2012

International Society for Structural Health Monitoring

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If you are responsible for the care and safety of large, complex structures, you should know about the International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure. ISHMII is a non-profit organization of leading structural health monitoring institutions and individuals with a global representation of members from the applied and theoretical arenas. The Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring, case studies, conferences and workshops, articles, and access to a community of SHM experts are all enabled through ISHMII membership, which is available at both individual and corporate rates.

I particularly enjoy the monthly Membership Notes publication that highlights important trends and accomplishments in SHM. Twice a year, ISHMII publishes an e-magazine, The Monitor, with technical articles solicited from members around the world, who are experts with immense hands-on experience in CSHM. Farhad Ansari, Professor and Head of the Department of Civil and Materials Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is ISHMII’s president. He makes a case for membership this way: “The International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure is in the forefront of influential professional societies. Members are helping to assure that civil structural health monitoring will be one of the fast growing engineering disciplines of the 21st century. We come together to share our knowledge and build or maintain structures that are enduring, safe and economical.”

Find out more at or contact Nancy Cohen at to receive Membership Notes and The Monitor or to learn more about membership.

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