Mar 03 2010

New Flexible Interfaces to Micron Optics Fiber Optic Sensor Interrogation Instruments

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Micron Optics has just released v1.0 of our ENLIGHT Sensing Software. Users have been enjoying Beta versions of ENLIGHT for more than a year, and they have been offering suggestions for new features and improvements. We’ve incorporated many of these ideas in this major upgrade to ENLIGHT.

ENLIGHT allows users to get their sensor systems up and running in just a few minutes. The process begins with defining all of the instrument settings in the Acquisitions Tab and then quickly creating FBGs and sensors in the Sensors Tab (using new automated tools and templates). The Save Tab provides greatly enhanced flexibility to save select sensor information based on triggered events, timed intervals, file sizes, etc. All of these ENLIGHT functions are greatly enhanced with new ease-of-use features. This makes it easier than ever for ENLIGHT to perform all the signal conditioning to output what users need — data in terms of strain, temperature, pressure, acceleration, displacement, degrees of tilt, etc. See more about ENLIGHT at ENLIGHT’s new Facebook page. Or download this free software to see for yourself.ENLIGHT download button

More Good News for LabVIEW Users.

ENLIGHT’s Charts and Images provide easy to use basic data disply options. However, many FBG sensor users want more data display and analysis flexibility. ENLIGHT can also accomodate this. The Remote Command Interface (RCI) allows you to run ENLIGHT in the background as you stream forward the sensor data you want to display. You can use any environment you wish to make the exact charts you want. There is a LabVIEW RCI example included in the ENLIGHT download. (The RCI can also be driven from other programming envoronments like C++ and Visual Basic.)

Since developing our first FBG sensor interrogator in 1996, Micron Optics engineers have used LabVIEW as the primary tool for building user interfaces, and we’ve shipped LabVIEW examples with every instrument. Now the true LabVIEW experts at National Instruments (NI) have created drivers for Micron Optics’ most popular platforms — the sm125 and sm130 Optical Sensor Interrogators. With these new drivers, Micron Optics’ interrogator users have more tools than ever for creating custom user interfaces in LabVIEW. Find out more here:

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