As a companion tool to the ENLIGHT User Manual, Micron Optics has created this series of 15 videos.  Clicking on the links below takes you to YouTube videos explaining basic set up and sensor definition as well as how to connect custom code to ENLIGHT through the Remote Command Interface.

ENLIGHT Tutorials ENLIGHT Acquisition Tab

1. Measurement Example 

2. General Setup

3. Acquisition Tab

4. Sensors Tab

a. FBG Table

b. Sensor Table, pt 1  ENLIGHT Sensors Tab

c. Sensor Table, pt 2 

d. Sensor Table, pt 3 

e. Sensor Table, pt 4 

f. Sensor Table, pt 5  

g. Sensor Table, pt 6 

h. Sensor Table, pt 7  ENLIGHT Save Tab

5. Save Tab

a. Part 1 

b. Part 2 

c. Part 3 

6. Remote Control Interface 

a. Part 1  ENLIGHT Remote Control Interface

b. Part 2 

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The  ENLIGHT Tutorials were recorded from a 2010 WebEx broadcast.  They are hosted by Micron Optics Vice President of Product Development, Todd Haber and Senior Software Engineer, Dan Guthrie.